Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Lenovo Ushers the Reopening of Offices in the Philippines with their All-New Workplace Solutions

 Manila Philippines, July 2022 – Lenovo recently announced the launch of its Workplace Solutions portfolio designed to give organizations the confidence to welcome their employees back.

“With more Filipinos returning to office and their expectations of the workplace evolving, companies recognize that reopening the office does not mean reverting to the pre-COVID status quo. Employees want the flexibility to easily log in anytime, anywhere, and focus on work that matters without having to wrangle with tech issues. Lenovo Workplace Solutions are built to help companies provide  compelling employee experiences that drive productivity and attract talent. These include tools that enhance communications and create efficiencies by reducing administrative workloads,” Daniel Fields, Executive Director, Services Business of Lenovo Asia Pacific said.

Companies are increasingly turning to technology to manage the complex needs of a hybrid workforce. This was confirmed by Lenovo’s recent global study of Chief Information Officers, which reveals that CIOs are managing areas beyond their traditional purview. According to the study, with IT enmeshed in every facet of a business, CIOs play a vital role in ensuring connectivity, productivity, and overall efficiency as they take the lead in making sure companies invest in digital transformation. Good thing Lenovo’s Workplace Solutions portfolio is finally here with several smart workspace solutions such as:

● Workspace Booking: A scheduling software that provides real-time visibility on workspace occupancy so employers can better manage office capacity and quickly book facilities

● Workplace Analytics: A dashboard that shows real-time insights on space usage through non-invasive heat and motion sensors

● Digital Signage: A content management system that turns static displays at high-traffic places into visually-rich multimedia screens

● Visitor Management: A simpler registration process and health check-in forms that drastically reduces waiting time; therefore, improving the overall visitor experience

● Smart Locker: A flexible self-service storage service where employees can pick up and drop off assets securely 24/7

● Smart Collaboration: An all-in-one meeting room solution with video conferencing software and integrated devices that are easy to use and scale according to meeting sizes

All these include 24/7 remote health monitoring, access to experts and technicians across Lenovo’s global network, and field service repairs!

Suffice to say that Lenovo Workplace Solutions empower remote and hybrid teams with smart, efficient, innovative ways to collaborate and get things done. Easy to deploy and manage, these tools scale with the organization’s needs. The result: enhanced innovative IT solutions, reduced costs and administration, and improved productivity and performance.

To learn more, visit: www.lenovo.com/ph.

About Lenovo

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