Friday, December 9, 2022

#ThisIsMcDonalds – gamers realizing McDo food items are in their favorite games!

There’s no doubt about it – McDonald’s certainly looks like it has set the gaming world abuzz. After top gamer Alodia Gosiengfiao posted a food item from a video game resembling a signature McDonald’s burger, developments are proving that the virtual presence of the fast-food chain’s menu items is far more extensive than everyone thought.

Now, gamers are asking: have McDo-like food items been hiding in plain sight in video games all along?

Last weekend, Alodia and streamers Ann B. Mateo and Dexie Diaz asked their followers—over 22 million combined—to look for items from video games that looked like McDonald’s favorites. This call came after their posts of food items that look like they belong to the McDonald’s menu were noticed by the official Facebook page of the fast-food favorite.

The excited participants of the McDonald’s video game scavenger hunt got the chance to win exciting gaming prizes such as gaming chairs, a Nintendo Switch, and a PlayStation 5. The winners were announced during their individual Facebook live streams on December 4.

“I’m so proud of us, guys! Ang dami na nating nadiscover na McDo food-alikes sa games. Gusto ko tuloy magpa-giveaway” [“We discovered a lot of McDo food-alikes in games. It makes me want to do a giveaway!”] Alodia wrote in a Facebook post announcing her gaming chair and PS5 giveaway.

“Seeing your screengrabs makes me so happy! Grabe effort natin kaya napansin tayo! You deserve it” [“We were noticed because we made the effort!”] Dexie wrote in her Facebook post.

The vast number of McDonald’s food-alikes the scavenger hunt has yielded may be solid proof that the home of the Big Mac has been present all along in video games – and gamers are surely loving it. Many gamers who participated in the giveaway over the weekend believe that, at the very least, the video game items were clearly inspired by iconic McDo menu items.

For instance, gamer Bruan T., who won a gaming chair from Alodia, shared a screenshot from the online game platform Roblox that showed an item resembling a McDonald’s Cheeseburger. Crizel S., the winner of the PS5, shared a McDo Cheeseburger look-alike from the cooking game Burger Making 2.

In-game characters enjoying a bite of their McDonald’s food-alike meals are also familiar in video games. During her live stream, Alodia saw a non-player character eating what seemed like McDo Fries—world-famous red box included—while playing the massive futuristic game Cyberpunk 2077.

Meanwhile, gamer Lyka B., a follower of Dexie Diaz, shared a screenshot of her recreation of a busy McDo restaurant. “I remade McDonald’s in my fave game Toca Life. I saw the food, and it reminded me of McDonald’s, so I was inspired to make the restaurant!

The fries look like McDo’s famous fries, the burger looks like the fresh and tasty McDo burger, and the spaghetti reminds me of the sweet spaghetti I always order at my local McDonald’s. I always get here with my family, so I put a happy family! I know that #ThisIsMcDonalds,” Lyka wrote. Her effort won her a Nintendo Switch.

Ann’s follower Theird Q’s entry was simple and on-the-nose: a screenshot from a McDonald’s flash game on a gaming website. Theird eventually won a gaming chair from Ann via a raffle.

Actor and gamer Michael V. also held a giveaway for his followers who can find and share McDo food-alikes. His discovery is among the most unique: a poster of a burger meal in Marvel’s PlayStation 5 game Guardians of the Galaxy.

What makes Michael V’s find interesting is how, aside from the iconic McDo sandwich, the menu item also used a mock logo clearly inspired by the fast-food chain’s unmistakable logo.

“Tuluy-tuloy lang ang hunt for McDo food-alikes sa mga favorite n’yong video games!” [“Let’s continue the hunt for McDo food-alikes in your favorite video games!”] he told his one million Facebook followers.

The treasure trove of the current food-alike items that are being found in video games has made local gamers more excited – and hungry, for sure! Perhaps these developments indicate that the fast-food chain’s world-famous menu really inspires video game creators and developers.

It will be fascinating to see how many more McDo-like items will be unveiled in the coming days!

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