Friday, January 20, 2023

Unlock a Worry-Free Trip Abroad With Essential Roaming Tips From Globe

As the Chinese New Year approaches and with many more countries welcoming tourists anew, many Filipinos are gearing up for a memorable celebration abroad. But the thought of navigating unfamiliar places may be daunting.

To ensure that staying in touch while traveling remains worry-free, Globe prepared some essential tips to make the roaming experience of its customers seamless and convenient.

Here’s a simple checklist from Globe Roaming to make the best of your next trip:

● Before leaving, check your travel buddy, the GlobeOne app.

All things roaming are now on the app. GlobeOne makes it easy for you to register for promos and get help while abroad.

For Postpaid subscribers: Make sure to settle any outstanding mobile phone bills before flying out.

● For all Globe travelers: Check your device’s APN settings and ensure it’s set to

To readily enjoy Globe’s Roaming services upon arrival at your next overseas destination, just follow these steps:

For Postpaid Customers:

● Choose how you want to stay connected:

○ You can pre-register for your favorite data roaming promos a day before your trip through GlobeOne. Enjoy Roam Surf Longer Stay offers to get data roaming for as low as P200/day. Once abroad, activate your pre-registered promo by turning on your Mobile Data and Data Roaming.

○ Or get data roaming in an instant when you arrive abroad with Roam Surf 399. Enjoy all-day data roaming that automatically renews. Just turn on Mobile Data and Data Roaming to activate. No registration is required.

For Globe Prepaid Users:

● Upon arrival, turn on your phone to instantly connect to roaming partners abroad. Switch to 2G/3G mode if you have no active data promo.

● To enjoy surfing while abroad, register to Roam Surf promos via GlobeOne or GCash for as low as P100/day. Once registered to a promo, turn on Mobile Data and Data Roaming. Restart your phone.

● Switch your network connection to LTE/5G to enjoy the best possible roaming experience.

Whether you're a Globe Postpaid or Prepaid subscriber, you have the freedom to explore the world without extra costs. With just one Roam Surf promo, you can effortlessly hop across countries and stay connected as long as it's within the promo's validity and you have enough GBs left. No need to switch devices or SIM cards.

You can also easily seek assistance wherever you are. Simply open the GlobeOne app, navigate to More>Help, and connect with Globe's support team for any help you need, regardless of location.

"We understand the importance of staying connected while traveling outside the country. That's why we strive to make roaming with us as easy and stress-free as possible. With our range of options for both postpaid and prepaid customers and the convenience of our GlobeOne app, we are confident that we can be your trusted travel companion for all your adventures abroad,” said Coco Domingo, VP for Globe Postpaid and International Business.

With Globe by your side, you can say hello to a world of endless possibilities and unforgettable memories. So pack your bags, grab your passport, and #RoamWithGlobe, the reliable partner for all your adventures.

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