Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Yahoo Tops the List of Most Phished Brands in Q4 2022: Report

Yahoo topped the list of the most phished brands in the fourth quarter of 2022, according to a report from Check Point Research. The report found that 20% of all phishing attempts in that quarter were impersonating the technology company. The second and third-most phished brands were DHL and Microsoft.

Cybercriminals have been using email to trick targets into revealing their personal and confidential information by claiming that the recipient has won prize money organized by Yahoo, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The email asks for personal information and bank details and warns the recipient not to tell anyone about the win due to legal issues.

The Brand Phishing Report highlights the need for consumers to be aware of the dangers of phishing and to be cautious when giving out their personal information online. Companies can also take steps to protect their brand by increasing awareness and implementing security measures to prevent phishing attacks.

It is crucial for individuals to always be vigilant when receiving emails claiming to be from a reputable brand, especially when asked to provide sensitive information. Before providing any personal information, it is recommended to verify the legitimacy of the email by checking the sender's address, avoiding clicking on links, and verifying the information directly with the company in question.

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