Thursday, February 16, 2023

PLDT Champions Sustainability Through the Bohol Cacao Production and Rehabilitation Project

Celebrating leadership and sportsmanship, the PLDT Group held its MVP Cup Golf Tournament, at the Sta. Elena Golf & Country Club in Laguna. With its theme, “Further Together Through Camaraderie Among Champions,” PLDT partnered with organizations that pushed for sustainable development through innovation and corporate social responsibility, most notably with the PLDT-Smart Foundation (PSF), PLDT Group’s social outreach arm. 

Marking the annual tournament’s 19th year, partners and guests gathered to recharge, unwind, reconnect, and contribute to a meaningful cause at the fellowship night of the newly returned golf event. PLDT has long embedded sustainability in all aspects of its business and aspires to maintain relationships with like-minded partners. This year’s beneficiary is the Bohol Cacao Production and Rehabilitation Training Program, a sustainable approach to create livelihood opportunities for smallholder farmer cooperatives and associations in Bohol, especially after the devastating effects of super typhoon Odette last December 2021. Through the MVP Cup, PSF turned over P250,000 to its Adopt-a-Cacao Project. 


During the event, Bohol Chocolate maker and entrepreneur, Dalareich Polot, shared the disastrous effects of the super typhoon on her home island, particularly on farming cacao trees that are a big part of Boholano culture.  


Through her efforts and the support of PSF and Alagang Kapatid Foundation, also under the MVP Group, she was able to continue with rebuilding and recovery projects– most notably with the Bohol Cacao Production and Rehabilitation Training Program. Through this project, the farmers will undergo two days of hands-on training to learn about cacao rehabilitation and rejuvenation, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and values formation.

Guided by its commitment to driving the country’s digital capabilities forward, PLDT will also integrate technology into the project with data gathering to be done through QR codes for a more efficient cacao inventory and traceability. Producers will likewise be connected to the right market to sell their quality dried cacao beans to chocolate makers in Bohol.

With cacao rehabilitation, propagation, and production, the community would be able to recover their cacao trees and make them productive again. This is in line with Polot’s vision of supplying quality cacao beans to all the chocolate makers in Bohol, the Philippines, and the world. 


The MVP Cup continues to be a platform that strengthens sportsmanship and leadership while raising awareness on important causes such as this. The Bohol Cacao Production and Rehabilitation Training Program is proof of PLDT’s commitment to its values of integrity, excellence, and that by working hand in hand, organizations and businesses can go Further Together


To make a donation to the Bohol Cacao Production and Rehabilitation Training Program and other programs, please visit or at

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