Thursday, February 9, 2023 names as co-presenter of the Philippines’ first-ever Bitcoin Island Retreat (“Pouch”), the first company in the Philippines to process payments utilizing bitcoin’s emerging payment standard, “The Lightning Network,” has partnered with, ("Coins"), the Philippines' leading digital wallet provider and crypto exchange platform, to host the country’s first-ever Bitcoin Island Retreat in Boracay.

The inaugural event will be held on March 27 to 29, 2023, bringing together Bitcoin thought leaders, builders, investors, and general enthusiasts from around the world to network and discuss Bitcoin.

Over the past year, Boracay has transformed into the largest and most livable bitcoin community in the world. The tropical island has over 250 locations where attendees can pay for fine dining, resorts, water sports, and drinks with Bitcoin. Bitcoin payments in Boracay are instant and fee-free thanks to the Lightning Network, Bitcoin's layer-2 scaling solution. enables merchants to accept lightning payments and receive instant, final settlement in Philippine Pesos with no fees.

At the event, attendees will interact with trailblazers in the Bitcoin industry, led by Ethan Rose, the founder and CEO of and Elijah Tan, the Vice President of Operations at Coins. Other speakers include Jack Lee, the founder of HCM Capital and an early investor in the Digital Currency Group; Stephan Livera, the Head of Education at Swan Bitcoin; Augustus Ilag, a cryptocurrency investor who previously led Sequoia Capital’s Southeast Asia crypto practice; Mike Jarmuz, a General Partner at Lightning Ventures; and crypto educator and the founder of Bitskwela, Jiro Reyes.

Attendees will also stand a chance at landing a Bitcoin booty if they can find the 12-word seed phrase to a private key owned by Dread Pirate Nakamoto. The words are placed around the island and the Bitcoin bounty will go to whoever finds them first.

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