Tuesday, May 2, 2023

OmniPay and Discover® Global Network Mark Launch of OmniPay Travel Card with First Transaction Event

OmniPay, an electronic money issuer and innovative payments market leader, and Discover® Global Network, the payment brand of Discover Financial Services, held an event to launch the OmniPay Travel Card. Cardholders will now be able to use their OmniPay Travel Card on the Discover Global Network which provides acceptance at millions of merchants and ATMs globally.

Senior executives from OmniPay and Discover made the first transaction ceremony during a private event at Hilton Tokyo in Shinjuku City. Simoun S. Ung, OmniPay President & CEO made a purchase at Dynasty Restaurant using their OmniPay Travel Card on the Discover Global Network.

With the launch of Omnipay’s Travel Card, Cardholders can make payments both in-store, online and access cash at major destinations outside of the Philippines through Discover Global Network, at locations where Discover® and Diners Club International® are accepted. OmniPay Travel Card is the solution for partners who are looking to integrate travel-related benefits for their customers. It can also provide additional benefits to cardholders including airport lounge access, global wifi, and multicurrency settlement to name a few.


“We are thrilled to introduce the OmniPay Travel Card, our new multi-currency prepaid card in partnership with Discover Global Network. Paired with a companion mobile app, cardholders can load and track their spending on the go across multiple currencies,” stated OmniPay President & CEO, Simoun S. Ung. “This card is designed with world travelers in mind who want to control their out-of-country expenditures and foreign exchange exposure,” he revealed.


“Cardholders of Omnipay’s Travel Card will be able to use their card anywhere Discover Global Network cards are accepted, which will give them the ability to use their card of choice around the world,” said Annie Zhang, Managing Director, Asia Pacific. “When consumers are traveling, they value being able to use their preferred payment method, continue to get great benefits, and have access to millions of merchants and ATMs around the world, all things Discover provides with this partnership.”


Discover Global Network is accepted at as many as 70M+ acceptance points and millions of micro-merchants1 across 200+ countries and territories. Discover Global Network includes Discover®, Diners Club International®, PULSE®, and affiliated networks. It also provides network relationships with 25+ partners around the globe which includes Japan, India, South Korea, Singapore, and many more.

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