Tuesday, February 6, 2024

PLDT, Smart Bolster Strategy With Cybersecurity Vendors to Boost Cyber Defense

PLDT and Smart’s Cyber Security Operations Group (CSOG) has met up with its technology providers to lay down improved processes and focus points to beef up the PLDT Group’s cybersecurity defenses and protect customers from cyber threats and attacks.

“We regularly talk with our vendors to keep them aligned with our objectives. As part of our cybersecurity value chain, PLDT, and Smart must ensure that our solution providers have the technology and skills needed to keep our assets safe. We are not only protecting our customers but the entire country,” said Angel Redoble, Chief Information Security Officer at PLDT, Smart, and ePLDT.

The annual vendor summit also allows CSOG to share with partners priority areas in the PLDT Group’s cybersecurity ecosystem that need improved solutions to augment existing technology. This year, CSOG stressed the importance of threat intelligence sharing to stop an attack before it even happens.

“Prevention is better than cure. We encourage our partners to proactively inform us of vulnerabilities to their systems so we can collaborate on a solution before they are exploited by threat actors,” stressed Redoble.

In 2023, the PLDT Group’s robust cybersecurity infrastructure fended off more than 16 billion attacks and attempts to breach its cybersecurity network. It also blocked more than 65 million SMShing messages. Smart, likewise, blacklisted more than 315,000 mobile numbers from its network.

PLDT and Smart’s collaborations with key partners to beef up their digital infrastructure are part of a broader effort to keep customers safe from threats and attacks. These efforts are anchored on the PLDT Group’s customer-centric culture to deliver meaningful connections and experiences for a fuller life.

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