Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Globe completes pilot run of hybrid solar power in 26 sites, paves way for greener network operations

Leading digital solutions platform Globe has successfully completed its innovative pilot program featuring hybrid solar power, marking a major step forward in greener network operations. This milestone aligns with the company’s firm commitment to sustainability and its goal to achieve Net Zero Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions by 2050.

The program, which ran from 2022 to 2023, focused on integrating hybrid solar power across 26 diverse Globe sites – three in the National Capital Region (NCR), 17 in South Luzon, and six in Mindanao.

The sites include off-grid towers traditionally dependent on diesel gensets but can be fully powered either solely by renewable energy with battery energy storage system or a combination of renewables and diesel fuel. The technology was also tested in bad-grid tower sites experiencing frequent power outages and in good-grid tower sites that utilize a mix of coal and renewable energy sources from the power grid.

Results of the initiative have been remarkable, with Globe saving an estimated of over 119,000 liters of diesel fuel and avoiding over 67,000 kWh of electricity consumption, equating to approximately PHP6.9M in savings. These figures not only highlight the program's effectiveness in reducing environmental impact but also underscore the potential for cost savings and efficiency improvements in sustainable energy solutions.

Joel Agustin, Globe Network Planning and Engineering Head, commented, "Successfully implementing hybrid solar power across multiple sites represents a big leap in our efforts to decarbonize our operations. Beyond demonstrating our dedication to environmental stewardship, it also cements Globe’s status as the Most Sustainability-Driven Network Operator in the Philippines."


Traditionally, Globe’s cell sites have relied on electricity from the national power grid, a significant portion of which comes from coal, and conventional diesel gensets for backup power. However, the shift to sustainable sources became imperative, especially for sites without commercial power-grid connectivity or with unreliable grid conditions. They typically relied on traditional gensets operating continuously.


Globe's hybrid solar power solution incorporates several innovative features. It includes a Solar Mini-Grid that can be built within the facility or adjacent area, offering scalable capacity and adaptability. This system provides direct power to on-site equipment, making it ideal for deployment in challenging terrains.

The solution also includes an Advanced Solar Hybrid solution, an intelligent off-grid alternative power system that primarily uses solar energy, switching to the rectifier battery system and diesel genset as needed.


Encouraged by the promising results, Globe is set to progressively deploy its hybrid solar power technology across its cell sites. The company is actively pursuing green solutions and innovations that will reduce its network’s GHG and overall carbon footprint. This approach reflects Globe's deep-rooted commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible corporate citizenship.


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