Thursday, April 25, 2024

Schneider Electric partners with NVIDIA to maximize AI in optimizing performance, scalability and energy efficiency of data centers

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - Schneider Electric, a global leader in energy management and digital automation, partners with artificial intelligence (AI) computing company NVIDIA to optimize data center energy efficiency using AI. 

The partnership will introduce the world’s first publicly available AI data center reference designs. These designs will integrate Schneider Electric’s expertise in digital infrastructures with NVIDIA’s AI technologies, setting new standards for AI deployment and operations within data center ecosystems to drive efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Pankaj Sharma, Executive Vice President of the Secure Power Division & Data Center Business at Schneider Electric, highlighted the significance of this partnership: "By combining our expertise in data center solutions with NVIDIA's leadership in AI technologies, we’re not just overcoming infrastructure limitations; we’re unlocking the full potential of AI.”

“This collaboration is a leap forward towards a more efficient, sustainable, and transformative future, powered by AI," Sharma added as he stressed that the data center industry continues to evolve, which calls for a stronger focus on integrating AI technologies into their operations and addressing Scope 3 emissions to achieve net-zero emissions.

Scope 3 emissions account for about 50% of data centers’ GHG footprint. According to GHG Protocol and ISO 14064, Scope 3 emissions are indirect emissions attributed to the activities of companies which include business travel, waste management, and value chain operations. This type of emission is often not reported and is more challenging to measure compared to Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

These indirect emissions are major but often overlooked drivers of the environmental impact of data centers. As a response, Schneider Electric is advocating for a holistic approach to GHG management, which includes accurate carbon accounting, target-setting, and a systematic review of data and emission sources.

Schneider Electric offers data centers with accounting and reporting solutions to address their Scope 3 emissions. This includes a tool to simulate energy use to estimate GHG emissions, considering power consumption, cooling systems, and operational efficiency of the data center.

“This approach aligns with our commitment to leading the charge to equip critical and energy-intensive industries such as data centers with advanced solutions to help them achieve better operational efficiency all while minimizing their carbon emissions beyond traditional means,” said Abraham Lim, Secure Power and Industrial Automation BVP of Schneider Electric Philippines.

Schneider Electric remains committed to pursuing the digital transformation of industries to keep pace with technological advancements and ensure environmental sustainability globally.

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