Friday, June 14, 2024

Baguio City’s LGU and Hotels Receive ICT Proficiency and Internet Connectivity Boost as City Hits Revenue Targets by 45 Percent

Manila, Philippines — Eastern Communications enhances the digital landscape of Baguio by rolling out innovative ICT services tailored to the city's hospitality and government sectors. The company aligns with Baguio's goal of boosting economic and tourism growth, aiming to support the region’s resurgence post-pandemic.

Baguio City is a significant contributor to Cordillera’s economy and is on track to meet its PHP2.74 billion collection target for 2024. Having already collected 45% of this goal in the first four months, Baguio City Assistant Treasurer Fernando Ragma reported a 12% increase in collections compared to 2023, with PHP1.205 billion gathered from January 1 to April 30.

To sustain this momentum, Eastern Communications is committed to equipping more businesses with digital solutions to help them thrive.

The telecommunications provider will enhance Baguio's digital landscape with innovative ICT services tailored to the city's hospitality and government sectors. This initiative aligns with Baguio's goal of boosting economic and tourism growth, aiming to support the region’s post-pandemic resurgence.

Strengthening Baguio’s Government Sector 

Reliable connectivity is pivotal for Baguio's economic development. It enables efficient communication, and access to global markets, and fosters innovation. Both businesses and public services rely on seamless internet access for transactions, research, and networking. Additionally, robust connectivity supports remote work, enhances education, and drives technological advancement, fueling economic growth and competitiveness. 

The partnership between Baguio’s local government and Eastern Communications represents a significant step towards enhanced connectivity and progress. Eastern's comprehensive internet solutions support Baguio's vision for a digitally inclusive future, providing the robust infrastructure necessary for economic vitality and community empowerment.

"Eastern's connectivity services offer a transformative opportunity for Baguio City's development. By providing free fiber connectivity to barangays, Eastern enables seamless communication infrastructure essential for urban planning and public services. Integrating IoT boxes for sensors and CCTV enhances security and resource management, fostering a smarter, safer cityscape," said City Government of Baguio Officer in Charge - Management in Information and Technology Division (MITD) Francis Camarao.

Boosting Hospitality and Tourism in the Summer Capital

Eastern Communications is also playing a crucial role in the digitalization of Baguio’s hospitality and tourism sectors. The company has recently partnered with several prime hotels in Baguio, including Soto Grande Hotel, Hotel Cosmopolitan, and Newtown Hotel, to provide top-tier ICT solutions.

Clients have expressed satisfaction with Eastern's personalized services and ICT solutions, noting that digital adoption is essential for businesses to thrive in the modern era. 

Soto Grande Hotel 

During the official contract signing event with the newly opened Soto Grande hotel, Resident Manager Marco Fetizanan offered a positive outlook on their partnership with Eastern Communications, noting that it "will significantly enhance our digital processes."

"Their reliable connectivity ensures our guests enjoy a seamless online experience throughout their stay. Eastern has proven to be our partner of choice, and we believe that adopting digital solutions is crucial for businesses to thrive in 2024 and beyond.”

Hotel Cosmopolitan, located in the heart of Baguio, also recognizes the importance of digital adoption in accommodating the city's increasing number of tourists. The hotel seeks to meet this need as it officially sealed the deal for Eastern Communications to be its Fiber1 internet service provider.

Glen Flores, owner of Hotel Cosmopolitan, expressed his confidence in the telco's service, “Eastern Communications is not only fast and effective but also offers friendly and impeccable customer service.”

Eastern also partnered with the popular Newtown Plaza Hotel, located along Claro M. Recto Street, to offer the business an Internet Direct Service (IDS) leased line.

During the official contract signing, Newtown’s Hotel Manager, Josh Ancheta, highlighted the main reasons for choosing the telco as their dedicated internet service provider.

"Our partnership with Eastern was driven by our need for a provider that offers reliable after-sales support and quick response to our concerns. Apart from this, they also helped us exceed our guests' expectations. We recommend Eastern as the go-to provider for the tourism and hospitality sector due to their personalized solutions and dependable service."

With Eastern Communications' growing ICT and connectivity partnerships in Baguio, it aims to be a Partner in Progress for the city, building a digitally connected and economically vibrant community. This ensures that both businesses and tourists can benefit from enhanced services and opportunities.

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