Thursday, June 27, 2024

Embracing Digital Disruption: Insights From the Globe Business Supply Chain Masterclass

Globe Business recently kicked off the 2024 masterclass entitled “Breakthrough - A Masterclass on Supply Chain Evolution: Embracing Digital Disruption.” The webinar featured discussions on leveraging technology in transforming businesses in retail, manufacturing, and logistics. This series aims to turn these businesses into a digitally-enabled supply chain.

KD Dizon, Head of Globe Business, encapsulated the drive towards digital adoption in her opening remarks in the era of Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution, marked by digitalization and automation across various industries.

“In today's interconnected world, Industry 4.0 presents immense opportunities and formidable challenges to businesses across all sectors. And we at Globe Business, recognize the pivotal role that supply chain management plays in navigating this evolving landscape,” said Dizon.

The event opened with a keynote from Francis Kong, a renowned speaker and entrepreneur. In his address, Kong delineated the five major disruptions currently reshaping the business environment: Social and Political Instability, Technological Advancements, Globalization, Climate Change, and Environmental Sustainability, and Demographic Shifts.

He also emphasized the enabling power of technology in business and noted the critical balance needed between inventory control, costs, and interest rates. He emphasized that "business today is all about building communities," urging leaders to foster close relationships with partners and to actively seek their insights.

Kong also joined the Fireside Chat with industry stalwarts Charlie VillaseƱor, Chairman of the Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia (PASIA), and Ysabelle R. Alonzo, Head of Supply Chain at Equilife Medical Equipment Supplies & Services, Inc. They explored the impact of Industry 4.0 and e-commerce on the evolution of retail, manufacturing, and logistics sectors.

VillaseƱor pointed out that modern supply chain management focuses on three critical areas: Risk Management, Value Creation, and Cost-side Management. He encouraged attendees to "get the most advantageous deals for your business to ensure the optimal sales operations planning and appropriate distribution channels.”

Alonzo addressed pressing challenges in the manufacturing industry. She also highlighted the need for improvements in personnel and processes, bridging workforce skill gaps, and enhancing network capabilities, including connectivity and cloud infrastructure.

Interactive breakout sessions led by industry practitioners Mariel Veluz, CEO and Founder of Sewn Sandals, and Dr. Dan Lachica, President of the Semiconductor and Electronics Industries in the Philippines Foundation, Inc. (SEIPI), provided nuanced insights into specific industry challenges and opportunities. The sessions explored a variety of topics, including digital marketing innovations in retail, logistical efficiency, and advanced risk management in manufacturing.

The masterclass not only reinforced Globe Business' commitment to enhancing supply chain efficiencies but also solidified its reputation as a thought leader and trusted technology partner in the Philippine business community.

The event attracted hundreds of participants, including C-level executives and business owners eager to harness advanced supply chain solutions to propel their businesses forward.

This initiative is part of Globe Business' ongoing efforts to champion Industry 4.0 among large enterprises as well as to empower micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) with the knowledge to exploit e-commerce for growth and sustainability.

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