Thursday, June 6, 2024

Vitro Launches Partner Network Program with Global Sapphire Inc.

VITRO Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of ePLDT, recently announced the launch of its VITRO Partner Network to provide resilient and robust data center infrastructure that complements the IT solutions of its partners. Global Sapphire Inc. (GSI), a prominent ICT and management consulting firm, officially joined as a partner during the announcement.

As the country ‘s leading data center service provider, VITRO is committed to empowering businesses with innovative solutions that drive growth and efficiency. Its Partner Network program ensures that partners, such as GSI, are well-positioned to address the evolving needs of modern enterprises.

“We are pleased to welcome GSI as part of our Partner Network program and we look forward to working together to deliver competitive value to our clients,” said Victor S. Genuino, President and CEO of ePLDT and VITRO Inc. “This collaboration highlights our shared commitment to offer innovative solutions that drive digital transformation and business success.”

GSI's decision to join the VITRO Partner Network highlights its pursuit of providing holistic solutions to its enterprise customers. With VITRO’s data center colocation services now included in the firm’s portfolio, it will be able to offer a comprehensive end-to-end solution encompassing IT business consulting, digital transformation planning, IT deployment, and managed services, to cite a few.

“This partnership empowers us to provide our clients with a truly holistic IT solution. By combining our expertise with VITRO's best-in-class data center services, we can ensure our clients have the infrastructure and security foundation needed to thrive in today's digital age,” added Ricky Palad, Chairman of Global Sapphire Filipinas, Inc. 

The integration of VITRO data center services is expected to enhance GSI’s portfolio with resilient IT solutions including redundancy, business continuity, disaster recovery, and storage. These features are crucial for organizations looking to adapt to the digital landscape with more efficient and secure operations. 

Security is also a top priority for GSI. With VITRO ensuring multi-layered physical security across its network of data centers, GSI can provide an additional layer of security for servers, networking devices, and infrastructure services provided to customers. GSI's suite of security solutions covers data protection, security operations, and foundational security, ensuring comprehensive protection for businesses.

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