Thursday, July 4, 2024

PLDT Enterprise Achieves MSSP Partner of the Year for Two Consecutive Years from Fortinet Philippines

Committed to staying at the forefront of providing networking and cybersecurity solutions at par with global standards, PLDT Enterprise was awarded the Fortinet Advanced Partner of the Year 2023 specializing in SD-WAN and Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) Partner of the Year award by Fortinet Philippines for two years in a row.

Fortinet Philippines’ MSSP Partner of the Year 2023 award was attributed to PLDT’s significant managed services revenue contribution across vertical sectors, including retail, food, and large conglomerates, and the Advanced Partner of the Year 2023 for consistent revenue contribution and continuous technical development across all Advanced Partners.

“The awards not only recognize the dedication of PLDT Enterprise to delivering new services but also emphasize our impact on the customers who benefit from these solutions. As businesses increasingly rely on the cloud for critical operations and data storage, the PLDT SD-WAN solution enables us to deliver agile, scalable, and secure networking solutions to our clients, supporting businesses in their respective digital transformation journeys,” shared PLDT and Smart First Vice President and Head of Enterprise and International Core Business, Mitch Locsin.

These awards showcase the expertise and excellence that PLDT Enterprise brings to its customers, whether it's in advanced managed security services or SD-WAN specialization. PLDT SD-WAN solution helps transform PLDT Enterprises’ network, elevating the customer experience with enhanced resiliency, integrated security, and fast access to the cloud.


Apart from the revenue leadership, PLDT Enterprise showcased its expertise through skills development and technical certifications as well as continued collaboration with Fortinet Philippines– ensuring that customers are supported both on the technical and commercial or sales side, attesting to PLDT Enterprise's capability to meet the diverse needs of businesses across industries.


“Looking ahead, we at PLDT Enterprise are unwavering in our pursuit of excellence as we constantly look for opportunities to evolve our services and deliver the latest and most comprehensive range of solutions to our customers,” Locsin added.


Since the partnership, PLDT Enterprise and Fortinet Philippines have continued to carry out their shared goal of providing new technologies and efficient management of SD-WAN solutions and ensuring customers are protected from the constant threats of cybersecurity attacks.


“As key partners, these awards signify our appreciation for the hard work and dedication of PLDT Enterprise to enhance further its capabilities through Fortinet Philippines’ Engage program, and to fully support more projects and foster stronger collaboration with leading brands across various industries in the country,” said Fortinet Philippines Country Manager, Alan Reyes.

These recognitions and certifications contribute to PLDT's aspirational multi-year transformation, with elevating customer experience as one of the key priorities. Furthermore, PLDT's initiatives to drive the digital transformation of businesses are aligned with the PLDT Group's commitment as one of the founding members of the government-mandated Presidential Private Sector Advisory Council (PSAC) under the Digital Infrastructure Pillar.

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