Thursday, January 3, 2019

A Look Back To The Year That Was For Leaxcoin In The Philippines

Manila, Philippines -- Leaxcoin, a Blockchain Solution For Real Estate made its presence felt for the first time during the Fintech Philippines Association Meetup back in October, where Mark Anthony Wagan, the Co-Founder and Community Manager of Leaxcoin made a presentation about “Blockchain In Real Estate” where he described and discussed the capabilities and the things that blockchain and leaxcoin can do towards the real estate market in the Philippines and globally. Since then, he continued to attend events, conferences, and expos where he managed to introduce and explain what Leaxcoin and its platform can do to ease the pain that the real estate industry is currently having.

He also made some great partnerships and communication exchanges with Proptech Startups such as Housal and Hoppler. He was able to discuss to them how can Leaxcoin be able to help brokers, consumers and real estate developers in using smart contracts and how can the Leaxcoin Token itself ease the payment transactions in acquiring a real estate property in the Philippines.

In the most recently concluded 2nd Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference held at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Makati, he was able to interact and network with top blockchain, cryptocurrency and fintech startups such as OSR Chain, Acudeen, MediXServe, and many others. During the event, Top Market Group, a know media platform for fintech and startups made an interview to which he was able to discuss Leaxcoin and how can the real estate industry benefit from using the platform. He also mentioned that at as of this moment, Leaxcoin is currently being traded on platforms such as Yibit and Dobitrade.

Lastly, during the span of a few months, Mark was able to network, established and make noise about Leaxcoin in the startup, blockchain and real estate scene, asking bloggers and media outlets to create and post press releases about the company and its development. Overall, 2018 was a very successful year for the company, and with this, they will make sure to continue developing more solutions for the real estate and blockchain industry, and by the next year Mark and the rest of the team of Leaxcoin will for sure create another momentous year that has a lot of improvements, growth, and adoption when it comes to smart contracts and blockchain solution for the real estate and property industry.

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