Saturday, December 5, 2020

OWTO and Advance Signs a Partnership to Have Their Drivers Earning Available on-Demand

OWTO drivers not need to wait to receive their earnings, because of a partnership between the TNVS platform and Advance.

The deal comes after a successful four-month pilot with Advance, who issued on-demand earnings services to OWTO's shuttle drivers while servicing a BPO giant,

OWTO drivers typically need to wait up to 45 days for his or her compensation to be released by the partner BPO, but many of them have to be compelled to get paid on the day of service. this is often what makes the partnership with Advance so ideal.

Each time a driver completes a visit for OWTO's partners, their earnings are going to be registered in OWTO's app and made available to withdraw anytime. this versatile payment scheme aims to assist cover the drivers' needs between paychecks, which usually come every 30th of the month.

"OWTO's partnership with Advance may be a formidable alliance that positions both companies to dominate their respective markets. We are very excited to figure with Advance in creating opportunities, surpassing key targets & achieving common goals in the commission of a wider consumer base," said OWTO CEO Joel Gayod. 

"With OWTO's proven market resilience and Advance's core capabilities, there's no way but up."

On-demand earnings services are going to be extended to even more drivers under OWTO's shuttle service operations as they expand their footprint to other companies. this is often an enormous win for the thousands of drivers who now have the pliability to access their earnings as required.

"These drivers are a part of our front liners in today's reality," said Addi Guevara, Advance Co-founder. "They make it possible for others to continue making a living during these uncertain times. 

Through Advance's salary on-demand service, we hope to form life a bit easier for them also."

About OWTO

OWTO is owned and operated by iPARA Technologies and Solutions, Inc., a Philippine-based company specializing in transport innovations. It promises a fairer and safer experience for both drivers and riders.

About Advance

Advance believes that life shouldn't revolve around payday. because the first and only on-demand wage access provider within the Philippines, they supply flexible financial services to Filipino workers through their employers and partners.

Advance aims to simplify finance to elevate lives, empowering Filipino workers to require control of their finances and establishing partner companies as advocates of worker wellbeing.

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