Sunday, February 14, 2021

RDB Asia Pacific Hosts First Global Virtual Event on Sustainability


The business of doing good. How Sustainability is an impact imperative to the future of business.

Tune in LIVE on Thursday, February 18th, 7pm PHT (GMT+8) / 12noon CET (GMT+1)

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To kick-off 2021 with renewed hope for the future, RDB Asia Pacific will gather industry leaders, leading authorities on sustainability and inspiring entrepreneurs for a two-part virtual event to highlight the ever-growing importance of our role in creating a sustainable tomorrow by building businesses and brands that do better.

This will be the first-ever online global event hosted from RDB’s newly launched APAC hub in the Philippines. Executives from leading local brands and experts from the Asia Pacific and beyond, leading the fight towards driving sustainability into the business mainstream’s core purpose, will take part in a Webinar and Live Panel discussion.

The Webinar titled the business of doing good will be a series of talks showcasing inspiring local business leaders and experts from various organizations speaking about what sustainability means to them & their organizations. It will be followed by a live panel discussion with young leaders, decision-makers & brand experts on how sustainability is an impact imperative to the future of business.

The event is co-powered by Livestream Manila, our partner in bringing thought leaders together.


The business of doing good

Participating organizations:


In a series of talks, experts, social entrepreneurs and business leaders will highlight how their organizations have committed to sustainability as a blueprint in building their businesses and brands for a better future, particularly the United Nations Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development signed by all 193 member states that include the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): a universal call to action that are interconnected and rely on one another to achieve an equilibrium of environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

LIVE panel discussion

How sustainability is an impact imperative to the future of business

In a live panel discussion, leading brand executives and experts from local & international organizations will speak about the current challenges we face and how we can build the future together in an alliance for good. Moderated by fellow sustainability advocate, Carlo Delantar, Head of Circular Economy at Gobi Partners, leaders from organizations such as  Eastern Communications, Advantage Austria, Cignal Entertainment, JCI Philippines, Youth Advocates Of The Philippines, and UNESCAP, will have a chance to answer pressing questions on sustainability’s role in shaping the future within their respective fields of expertise and its impact to the rest of the world.

In a show of force and solidarity, CEOs from two different Communications agencies will likewise share the forum to discuss the role of Marketing and Media in charting a course towards a sustainable future. Philippine CEO of media giant Havas Ortega, Jos Ortega, and RDB’s own Global CEO, Mario Alonzo-Debout will be answering important questions on the future of Sustainability Marketing and how to truly get the message across. From purpose-driven marketing, community building and meaningful entrepreneurship to how to sustainably rebuild in a post-pandemic world, the panel will try to tackle a variety of topics and share their knowledge and experiences to hopefully inspire and shed light to the great potentials the future holds if everyone does their part in making the world a better place for everyone, little by little, one step at a time.

Manifesto for Good

A joint commitment to do better

To formally forge a concerted commitment to doing better as leaders of their respective industries in creating a more sustainable future for generations to come, a Manifesto will be signed. It will outline not only the efforts and the direction each participant will strive towards, but will, hopefully, inspire a sense of urgency to all those watching to join the United Nations’ call to action.

About RDB

RDB | Robin des Bois is a global boutique agency based in Vienna with operations in London, San Francisco, and Manila, building brands that do better through Impact, Purpose & Shared Value Projects and Communication.

RDB services numerous clients around the world, from Fortune 500 companies (eBay, Western Union) through international and national NGOs (Global Citizen, Eden Reforestation Projects) to public institutions (UNIDO, UNWomen, British Council) among others, in identifying their purpose, bringing it to life through meaningful communication internally and externally to drive growth and impact.

RDB was founded in 2013 in the spirit of social justice and a deep conviction towards a more sustainable future. Dedicated to helping build and serve an alliance of brands that drive tremendous impact and a new socio-economic reality where technology enables humanity to be as connected and borderless as ever before, RDB strongly believes that everyone has a role to play in reshaping tomorrow. Progress and success in a more complex and dynamic global economy require looking out for one another - doing good, doing better.



The business of doing good. How Sustainability is an impact imperative to the future of business.

Tune in LIVE on Thursday, February 18th, 7pm PHT (GMT+8) / 12noon CET (GMT+1) 

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