Tuesday, May 30, 2023

New breed of business leaders must be 'digitally savvy warriors, risk-takers' –MVP

Passionate, digitally savvy, risk-taking warriors – this is what next-generation leaders must be, according to businessman Manuel V. Pangilinan.

“More than the ability to manage the business, they must also be entrepreneurial. This country needs more entrepreneurs, more risk-takers,” Pangilinan said. “They should also be immersed in IT, be digitally savvy, and believe that tech deployed in the business will improve the business, eventually raise profitability and improve the lives of the customers that we serve,” he added.


A longtime sports patron, Pangilinan also highlighted the importance of having a winning mindset. “They must also be like warriors - determined to win, determined to achieve their goals,” he said.

The PLDT chairman also highlighted financial and intellectual integrity as among the important values for any leader.

“What you communicate must not only be true, but complete,” he emphasized. “Commitment, dedication, and passion for the work--these are also important. Otherwise, it's just a job. You can't have that. You really have to have the passion,” Pangilinan said.


Pangilinan also underscored the importance of being tough when the situation calls for it. “It's tough being the bad guy. I don't relish being critical, but somebody's got to do it,” he said.

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