Thursday, August 31, 2023

Let the games begin! 3 things to expect from Comedy Island Philippines

August 31, 2023 - Prime Video today hosted a press conference for its first-of-its-kind Filipino Original series, Comedy Island Philippines, which is set to premiere on August 31 in the Philippines and in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide. 

The six-part series will run for two weeks from August 31 to September 7 with three episodes streaming each week. During the press conference, director Randolph Longjas, producer Tanya Yuson of BASE Entertainment, Quark Henares, Head of Amazon Originals Philippines, Carlo Aquino, Andrea Brillantes, Cai Cortez, Justine Luzares, and Drew Arellano talked about the show’s unique genre and their fun experiences on the island on and off camera. Here are three things viewers can expect from the series.

A hybrid of scripted and improv


Comedy Island Philippines is a hybrid reality series that ingeniously blends comedy and adventure, scripted and unscripted formats, and planned and improvisational scenes. This means that some parts of the show are scripted, while other parts are purely up to the cast’s creativity and humor, taking viewers on a unique and fun viewing experience. This innovative genre highlights Prime Video's dedication to producing local content that not only entertains but also showcases authentic Filipino storytelling.


A solid ensemble cast


Comedy Island Philippines features seven comedians and actors from the Philippines as well as up-and-coming social media celebrities: Carlo Aquino, the Forever Crush ng Bayan; Rufa Mae Quinto, Super B; Andrea Brillantes, the Soap Opera Princess; Jerald Napoles, Theater and Indie Film Chameleon; Cai Cortez, the Nation’s Favorite Bestie; Awra Briguela, Viral Sensation Turned Comedy Superstar; Justine Luzares; the British Chismosa; and Drew Arellano as Dodong the gamemaster.


As they strive to survive in the mysterious Tawa-Tawa Island by playing in the island’s exhilarating so-called centennial games, viewers will be treated to the cast’s funny antics, hilarious bloopers, and unpredictable experiences.


“Thank you for giving me this opportunity and finding a different version of myself that I can share. Hopefully the audiences can see this in the show,” Drew Arellano shared.


The harder the laughs, the longer you stay


If you found yourself stranded on a remote island, what would you do to survive? In Comedy Island Philippines, Carlo Aquino, Rufa Mae Quinto, Andrea Brillantes, Jerald Napoles, Cai Cortez, Awra Briguela, and Justine Luzares compete for a chance to go home and bring a precious gift to humanity. In each episode, players take on different challenges that put their comedic and improv skills to the test. But there’s only one way to survive: make the people of the island laugh.


As the cast pulls out all stops to overcome each challenge with wit and determination (unscripted, of course), Comedy Island Philippines sets the stage for a unique entertainment that appeals not only to Pinoys but also to global audiences.


Will the players survive and find their way home? Find out and watch Comedy Island Philippines, and let fun and adventure begin, only on Prime Video!


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