Monday, January 22, 2024

A first in PH: Globe At Home enhances digital learning in 88 schools, installs 296 FTTR lines to boost connectivity

Globe At Home recently deployed fiber-to-the-room (FTTR) technology in 88 public schools mostly in Metro Manila, making it the first broadband provider to introduce this cutting-edge WiFi solution to Philippine educational institutions.

In partnership with local government units, Globe At Home's FTTR installation advances digital learning, bringing the brand closer to its goal of enhancing broadband experiences and improving the country's digital infrastructure. The effort is also in line with the government’s push for wider connectivity in educational institutions across the country, as accelerated use of digital technology in learning.

"Empowering schools with FTTR technology is a game-changer in educational connectivity. Our aim is not just to connect schools but to transform them into hubs of digital innovation and learning excellence," said Raymond Policarpio, Vice President and Head for Brand Management, Broadband Business at Globe.

“We're ensuring that students and educators have access to the best digital tools and resources, paving the way for a more inclusive and technologically advanced educational landscape in the Philippines,” he added.


Most Philippine schools still lack WiFi connectivity.  As of September 2022, only 860 or just 1.8% of 47,421 public schools nationwide had access to free Wi-Fi, according to Senator Sherwin Gatchalian in a public hearing, as he sought to expedite builds of ICT infrastructure in Philippine schools.


A study by the Philippine Institute for Development Studies, meanwhile, found that only 27% of students in rural areas have access to the internet, much less than 47% in urban areas.


Slow or lacking connectivity has been identified as a key problem for both teachers and students, particularly at the height of the pandemic, when schools shifted to remote and later hybrid learning modes.


By boosting connectivity through FTTR powered by GFiber, Globe is helping public school students experience improved internet service, enabling seamless virtual and interactive learning. This enhancement is crucial in today's digital age, where the quality of internet connectivity directly impacts educational outcomes.


As part of the project, the Globe At Home team also gave school staff a walkthrough on the advantages and capabilities of this new technology.


FTTR provides unparalleled connectivity, offering speeds up to 10 times faster than traditional broadband, with the capacity to support up to 120 devices at a time. It extends fiber optics directly into classrooms, allowing broader coverage and enhancing access to digital resources in educational environments.


It also effectively addresses challenges such as dead spots and signal obstructions caused by thick concrete walls and multiple floors, ensuring extremely fast and seamless Wi-Fi coverage throughout the entire school premises.


Globe At Home continues to lead the way in broadband technology and digital transformation. It remains committed to creating opportunities and enhancing broadband experiences for Filipinos, aligned with its vision of a more connected and digitally empowered Philippines.


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