Monday, December 9, 2019

Black Spot Tea House Grand Opening

December 2019 -- We all know that there has been a lot of milk tea houses that have been poppin' up these days and this is due to its popularity among Filipinos.

Last night, Black Spot Tea House officially opened its doors to the public to be able to cater to those students and professionals who are very much in love with Milk Teas and Healthy Fruit Juices, especially now that the holiday season is upon us.

Located at Barangay Tagapo at the City of Santa Rosa in Laguna, this Tea Shop offers unique blends of juices and milk teas that are not available on other Milk Tea Shops. It has a very affordable price range when it comes to their menus, and a relaxing ambiance when it comes to their establishment.

They are open from 10am till 11pm every day, and every time you visit, you get the opportunity to play the guitar, play some card games with friends or even listen to some awesome music that they play inside the store, plus of course having some awesome sip at that delicious Milk Tea with Cream Cheese or Naturally Flavored Juice .

So, if you do not have anything to do especially this holiday season or during the weekends, try to visit their shop and be amazed at what they can offer.

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